Sunday, January 5, 2014

Park Jin-man, SK’s New Captain

From E-Daily Star-In – SK Wyvern’s new captain for 2014 is Park Jin-man.

Translator: Simon Kim


The SK Wyverns held a full meeting on the morning of January 4th. The entire team attended as well as the coaching staff. And Park Jin-man was chosen by the players in a vote to become the captain of the team in the up-coming season. Park beat Cho In-seong by two votes to win.

Last year’s captain was Jeong Geun-woo. But after losing Jeong to the Hanhwa Eagles in free agency, the baton was passed to Park in this day’s meeting. Kim Gang-min was the interim captain since the November season ending camp held in Kagoshima, Japan.

Park Jin-man is a quiet, charismatic player. He differs from past captains “Charismatic Kim Jae-hyun” and “Older Brother Leader Lee Ho-jyun.” Park does not just lead with seniority, he leads with his actions on the field. Park earns the respect of his teammates with his play on the field. And this is the reason why SK’s players chose Park.

The Wyverns ended last season in 6th place, 2 places out of a playoff spot. This was the first time in 7 seasons that SK did not play in the fall. Needless to say, a lot will be expected of Park Jin-man.

Park Jin-man declares that it is “us before me, the team before the player” and that he will help turn the team into one that communicates well with each other. Park says that he will take on the challenge of moving this team from its low standing from the previous year and that he will become a good leader in the upcoming season.

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