Sunday, December 30, 2007

KT Saves the Day!

Thank you KT! KT has agreed to sponsor a new expansion franchise in Seoul.

The addition of an 8th sponsor means that the Hyundai Unicorns will be dissolved. Farewell Hyundai Unicorns. You made Suwon very proud, but your team nickname is the worst I've ever heard. The Expos and the Mighty Ducks made fun of these guys at parties. Despite the poor nickname, Hyundai managed to win 4 Championships in 11 years. It's too bad management couldn't have stuck with this team.

KT plans to move the team to Seoul, putting 3 of the 8 teams in the same city with the SK Wyverns as a nearby neighbor in Incheon.

KT plans on announcing the team nickname and colors sometime in January. I'm rooting for "KT Mongooses." Yeah, the Fighting Mongooses.

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