Friday, January 4, 2008

"Better Devil You Know"

Now, I'm not going to call this racist, but this article from the Korea Times comes close. I was going to go FJM on this, but I'll pass and just point out a few of the inaccuracies, instead of ripping it apart.

¤ The title is poorly written. It should read "Better the Devil You Know...." I'm not sure who screwed up, but someone at a newspaper written in English screwed up. Also, can we please stop calling foreigners "devils." It hurts my feelings.

¤ Jacob Cruz was not released by Hanwha. His contract ended. Also, his "chronic achilles problems" caused him to miss a whopping five games last year.

¤ The reason foreigners leave usually isn't because of good play. It's because of poor play. The rope is a lot shorter for foreigners than it is for Koreans, partially because they're more expensive and partially because they're here to produce. No one wants another Mike Greenwell.
I get the feeling that the guys at the baseball desk at the Korea Times are getting a little restless this offseason.

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