Saturday, February 2, 2008

8 Teams! Centennial Investment Company Saves the Day!

Here's hoping the KBO got this right.

One thing is kind of distrubing. I'm unable to find any information on Centennial Investment. It's based in Seattle and most likely Korean owned, but not much else is known. Honestly, I don't even care as long as the KBO has 8 teams. 7 teams would have been a scheduling nightmare. I am a little disappointed that Jinro Soju or The Hite weren't interested in sponsoring a baseball team. I would have bought a hat and a jersey in a second.

It is known that Centennial will never have its name on the uni's. They plan to sell the space to multiple companies, with the biggest advertiser getting to have its name on the front. We could see a baseball uni looking like this. Whatever. 8 teams. I'm happy. Let's start the season already.

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