Wednesday, February 13, 2008

KBO to Get Rid of 12-inning Limits???

Possibly. Personally, I hate ties. Especially in baseball. Japan allows them, the US does not. The only argument for allowing a 12 inning limit is that it doesn't burn out the pitching staff. I'd like to see it done away with. Baseball is one of the few sports that works best without a time limit.

The powers that be in the KBO are also deciding what kind of break they should allow for the Olympics. It looks like IF Korea qualifies(I think they will, but they're facing a tough field), they'll be allowing a three week break for travel and rest. It sounds like a good idea. If the Korean team can qualify for the Olympics, most baseball fans probably won't pay much attention to the KBO while the stars of the league are playing in Beijing.

Also, the former Hyundai Unicorns players have resolved a dispute with Centennial Investments. It sounds like the dispute centered on their contracts. Centennial announced it would seek to slash payroll. The players had the impression that they'd be forced to take a pay cut. It doesn't sound like it was that big of a deal. Centennial has made changes to the front office and management of the team, but no changes have been made as far as player personnel...yet.

Finally, the season is already off to a rocky start for Seo Jae-Weong. The former major leaguer tore his hamstring while training and will likely be on the shelf when opening day rolls around. Seo was set to be the opening day starter and a key part of the KIA Tigers attempt to get out of the cellar.

# of days until exhibition games begin: 21
# of days until opening day: 37

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