Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Per KoreaBeat....

If this happened in the US it would likely be the scandal of the year.

Former KBO star, Lee Ho-seong was found floating in the Han River in Seoul this morning. He was wanted on suspicion of murdering a woman he was dating and her 3 daughters.

He was a member of the Haitai Tigers(Now KIA) for twelve years. He helped the Tigers to 4 Korean Series Championships during his twelve years with the Tigers.

He's been retired since after the 2001 season and has been dogged by shady business practices since then. Hat tip to the Joonang Daily. "Lee retired after the 2001 season, opening a wedding business in Gwangju that failed in 2003. He also planned an off-track betting business that never took off. In 2005 he was arrested on charges of investment fraud. Two months later, he was released on bail, but was dodging debt collectors. He was still facing fraud charges when he died."

Let's review. Baseball player? Check. Criminal? Check. Murderer? Check. And finally, coward. Big check.

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