Sunday, November 16, 2008

Asia Series Day 3 Round Up and News

Seibu Lions 16, Tianjin Lions 2
W - Kohji Onuma, L - Chen Wei

Seibu banged out 13 hits and took advantage of 2 errors, numerous fielding mistakes and 11(!) walks to slaughter an overmatched Tianjin squad. 4 Seibu batters finished with at least 2 RBIs and both Takeya Nakamura and Ginjiro Sumitani hit homeruns.

Uni-President 7-11 Lions 10, SK Wyverns 4
W - Lin Yueh Ping, L - Chae Byeong-yong

For some reason, this game resulted in SK being eliminated from the tournement despite having the same record as Uni and Seibu. From what I understand, the tiebreaker is defensive runs per inning and not run differential. I guess "defensive runs per inning" comes down to runs allowed. SK allowed a few more than Uni did. Whatever. It's a silly tiebreaker. Good luck today, Uni. You're going to need it.

From Lin Yueh Ping's wikipedia page, "At the end of 2006 season, he was diagnosed with a heart condition, and underwent surgery in May 2007. Afterward, he recovered quickly and was able to do limited pitching in late season." That's right. The Wyverns got beat by a pitcher with a bad heart. This would be like the Minnesota Twins losing to this guy.

Chae Byeong-yong was awful. He pitched like he had spent all week camped out at an All-You-Can-Eat buffet and showed up at the stadium ten minutes before game time. Uni banged out 4 homers against Wyverns pitching. Lui Fin Hao hit two of them. He hit a 3-run bomb in the 4th inning to start a 5-run rally and another 3-run bomb in the 8th to finish a 4-run rally.

You know what? I'm not upset by the Wyverns loss anymore. With the way they played last night they didn't deserve to be in the final. There. I'm done being bitter over this game.

The action continues today at 2pm local time. The Seibu Lions will face the Uni-President Lions for the Asia Series championship. Wakui should be throwing for Seibu. I have no idea who the

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