Monday, November 17, 2008

Shady Trade?!? What shady trade?

I'm not sure how to feel about this. On the one hand, I am thrilled that the Lions landed a legit ace to head their rotation, but I'm worried about what this might mean for The Heroes.

From the article, “If we were desperate for money, we would’ve traded Jang a long time ago,” Lee said. “We fielded about 10 offers for Jang during the season and we mulled over the Samsung deal for a month. The 3 billion won will be used for players’ salaries.” The Lee in question is The Heroes GM. I'm sure the 3 billion will be used for players' salaries. The Heroes will probably have a roster that winds up costing exactly 3 billion won.

The Samsung Lions GM makes me smile. “I know the critics would say we flaunted our wealth to get a player but we showed that trading for a player could be more effective than signing free agents,” Kim said. “This is a win-win proposition for both teams. We have a young, talented left-handed starting pitcher, and the Heroes have some cash.” Sure. Win-win. We get one of the top lefties in the league to head our embattled rotation and the shadiest team in the league gets a few billion won.

Also, The Heroes manager, Kim Si-jin, chimed in with this, "The ownership promised they would not trade any more players for cash and I’ve got to believe them.” He has to believe them because, well, he is stuck leading this motley crew.

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