Monday, November 24, 2008

Unable to Make a Trade, The Heroes Search for a New Sponsor

The way things are run at Heroes HQ, Vandelay Industries is a natural fit for their sponsor. The Vandelay Heroes. Just change the "W" in the logo to a "V" and they're all set.

Let's review. These guys looked awful on the field, lost their sponsor thanks to a corporate game of chicken and now, they can't even make a trade. After a leaguewide protest, the commissioner's office nullified the Heroes trade of Jang Won-sam for cash(3 billion won) and warm body, Park Sung-hoon, with Samsung.

This is the first time in the league's 26-year history that a trade has been nullified. Personally, I'm torn on the decision. I was really excited of at the prospect of having Jang leading the Lions rotation next year, but the trade was fairly one-sided. League integrity has to count for something. If this was a fantasy league, the same thing probably would have happened. 7 of the GM's would have rattled off nasty emails to the commish, while the two involved parties would shrug their shoulders. Finally, the embattled commish would cancel the trade and ask the two parties to try again.

We did get this image out of this fiasco. Jang Won-sam walking around in a Lions jacket. This would be like having Jake Peavy strutting around the South Side of Chicago with a White Sox jacket, only he signs an extension with the Padres the next week. A Naver search for Jang Won-sam, turned up this doozy. Our ace, ladies and gentlemen!

Aaron at the EWC also puts his spin on this situation.

Also, the Lotte Giants will bring back Karim Garcia for another season and the Samsung Lions have re-signed shortstop Park Jin-man (korean only).

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Mike said...

Any word on who the Hanwha Eagles will sign during the off-season?