Monday, December 1, 2008

Playing Catchup...

First and foremost, Mr. Sensitive himself, Hong Seong-heun, the DH/Catcher for the Doosan Bears has landed with a new club. Hong will be DHing for Jerry Royster's Lotte Giants next year. Hong signed a 1 year deal worth 279 million won.

It sounds like the Hanhwa Eagles have signed a new foreign guy. Meet Outfielder, Victor Diaz. Victor spent 2008 with Houston and Seattle's AAA affiliates. He thumped at Tacoma. He posted a .280/.362/.546 line in 414 AB's. I'm surprised he didn't at least warrant a September callup with numbers like that and a team as bad as Seattle. Welcome to Korea Victor.

Also this article from the Joongang Daily caught my eye....I quote, "Also, a catcher was suspected of telling opposing hitters about the pitch selection when a certain foreign pitcher on his team took the mound." I've been trying to guess who this is and I can't. It can't be SK, Hanhwa, Doosan or Lotte. Samsung isn't likely, but possible. The 3 worst teams in the league didn't really have anyone stick around long enough for this to seem possible. KIA had Jose Lima, The Heroes had Josh Scobey and LG had Jamie Brown. Looking at the day-to-day results, I can't find a pattern with a certain catcher.

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Aaron said...

As much as I haven't liked that guy I'm kind of excited he's going to be on Lotte. He can hit and his high energy will fit right in at Sajik.