Thursday, December 4, 2008

Can We Do Anything Without Controversy?

First, the KBO nullified a trade. Now, they can't even produce a WBC roster without someone complaining. I guess at the heart of the controversy is Baek Cha-seung. I had no idea he didn't have a Korean passport. Kim Byung-hyun was also named to the roster. I get the impression that he's enjoying retired life and I really doubt he's going to suit up for Korea at the WBC. Personally, I'd like to see Choo Shin-soo play for his country, but the Indians would probably rather have him in camp.

Aaron at the EWC goes further in depth on Korea's WBC roster. I have to agree with him. I'd like to see the US actually make some kind of announcement. A manager, coaching staff, a roster? Anything? I also get the impression that Derek Jeter and Michael Young will figure prominently in the starting lineup.

Also, a member of the SK Wyverns or Doosan Bears has gotten into some trouble...with the ladies. Hat tip to Korea Beat for the translation and writeup. I didn't know one could get arrested for "seduction." So, this ballplayer sleeps with this girl, realizes she might not be right for him, pays her off and THEN gets arrested? Meanwhile, these guys go free.

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