Thursday, January 14, 2010

KBO To Keep Tie as Loss Rule

In 2008 the Korean Baseball Organization experimented with playing unlimited extra innings. Players and coaches complained about fatigue and fans complained about ridiculously long games. The rule was scrapped after 2008 and the KBO chose to change the rule. They went back to a 12-inning limit and ties were counted as losses. This plan was also met with criticism. It sounds like most league officials would like to count ties as half a win and included in winning percentages. The Joongang Daily took a looooong look at the issue with a ton of quotes from an obviously upset SK manager, Kim Seong-geun.

Personally, I liked the unlimited extra innings and was upset that they scrapped it after only 1 season. If the KBO decides to change the rule, I'd like to see some kind of innovation. Whether it be starting an inning with runners on base or finding another way to do it, I'd like to see the KBO try something different to fix the problem.

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Sim'on 2057 said...

in the NHL they give points for losing