Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kim Dong-joo Can Pay For Everyone's Coffee This Year

HT to the Korea Herald.

The average salary of KBO ballplayers has risen to 86.9 million won(roughly $74K). The KBO pay scale is based more on seniority than talent, but talent helps. Older KBO players generally earn more than the younger guys. First year players only make about 24 million won for their efforts.

34-year old Doosan Bears 3B Kim Dong-joo(.353/.455/.593 slash line) will be the KBO's highest paid player in 2010. Kim will earn 700 million won. Players like Doosan left fielder Kim Hyeon-su and SK ace Kim Kwang-hyeon could have a shot a being the first 1 billion won ballplayers in the KBO, assuming they make it to free agency with something left in the tank AND don't choose to leave for Japan or (gasp) the US.

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Erik said...

I wonder how long the current salary system will stay in place. As Korean baseball players prove that they can compete at the same level as many of their Japanese and American counterparts, I think that teams will have to pay more to keep their promising young players. (That is, if these players can help drive up attendance and TV viewership.) How difficult is it for players to become free agents compared to in the U.S.? Without a minor league system the team is taking on more of a risk in signing unproven young players, but what length of contract are they asking for in return?