Monday, February 22, 2010

Park Chan-ho Finally Signs

In his late career quest for a ring, Korean hero Park Chan-ho has signed on with the Yankees. It sounds like he signed a 1-year deal worth about $1.5 million. If the rumors were true and Park really had a $3 million offer from the Phillies for essentially the same role that he'll have in New York, he cost himself a ton of cash by holding out.

The Korean press is excited for the possibility of Park pitching against Cleveland's Choo Shin-soo.


c.donovan said...

hey man, i live in korea and have been following yur blog for almost a year now. yu are so funny and i am always checking for yur updates. i really appreciate what you are doing man thanks alot!!!

kushibo said...

I was under the impression that it wasn't a case of waiting too long to decide on going with the Phillies, but just a matter of going with the Yankees even for less money because its the best chance for bragging rights of a World Series ring.

Of course, I'm not following the story as closely as you are, and I might be completely wrong. But the guy has enough money and so the bragging rights might be worth something.

I wonder, too, if he can attract more Korean tourists to the games in NYC than Philadelphia, thus setting himself up for a better paying contract the next year? Just a thought.

Matt said...

I don't think the Yankees will have any trouble drawing fans. The impact of Korean tourists at Yankee games will be minimal. The real value might lie in merch sales and advertising revenue from Korea.

Actually, he was more than likely holding out for a starting job instead of taking a job as a reliever. He seems to hate working out of the bullpen, but its a role he's best suited to now.

He's been chasing a ring for a while. I think his chances of winning a championship were just as good in Philly. I thought he should've taken the $3 million, but it's his career.