Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pre-Season 2010, Day 1

Pre-season games started today.

The above are taken directly from the official KBO website. The leaderboard is posted because it's the first change in the leaderboards since the last season ended. And likewise for the scoreboard and standings list.

New foreign pitchers pitched very well today. Adrian Burnside of the Heroes pitched 4 shut-out innings, giving up a hit in a losing cause (Twins 3, Heroes 2), Ryan Sadowski of the Giants pitched 3 innings, striking out 3 as his team pounded the Eagles 12-1, Kelvin Jiminez kept the annoying Wyverns in a cobra clutch with 4 shut-out innings giving up a hit in a 5-0 Doosan win, and Fransisco Cruceta, not new but still foreign, topped off the foreign pitcher party with 5 perfect innings in a 4-1 Lions over Kia win. His friend Aquilino Lopez on the Korea Series champion Kia team messed up the foreign pitchers pitching awesome streak with a 4 inning, 4 earned run, 8 hits given up performance.

And if you're in Korea go check out the games because just like the info on this blog, tickets are free and you know you like free.




Eric said...

I am excited to see some baseball and didn't know the preseason games were free. If the weather holds out I'll be down to see Daegu play next weekend for my first taste of Korean baseball.

Mike said...

I went to the Hanwha game and when it ended at 12-1, I just felt like I did at the end of last season. Its going to be a long season.

Dan said...

Hi, great blog! I'm in Seoul and i'd like to watch some game, where can I find the schedule? Thank You!