Monday, March 8, 2010

Pre-Season Sched

Had a request for a pre-season sched. There it is up there. And for you non-Korean reading peoples. Here's the motivation. Study the Korean and enjoy the pre-season sched.

All games above are pre-season until the March 27 games, when the regular season begins.

March 7 results:

Nexxen 2/5/0 over LG 1/6/1, WP: Song Shin-yong, LP: Lee Sang-yul, Save: Song Seung-rak.

SK 4/6/0 over Doosan 3/5/1, WP: Ken Katokura, LP: Les Walrond, Save: Jeong Woo-ram.

Lotte 4/12/1 over Hanhwa 1/11/1 (Hanhwa's #1), WP: Lee Myong-woo, LP: Jeong Jae-won, Save: Lim Kyong-wan.

Kia 5/9/0 over Samsung 2/7/0, WP: Park Kyong-tae, LP: Lee Woo-sun, Save: Kwak Jeong-chul.


Writer Edit: I had a change of heart. I guess it's hard to blame if you like baseball but have no clue about the country. I'll post up Korean to English translations for above:

넥센: Nexxen Heroes, West Seoul
LG: LG Twins, South Seoul
SK: SK Wyverns, Incheon
두산: Doosan Bears, South Seoul
한화: Hanhwa Eagles, Daejon
롯데: Lotte Giants, Busan
KIA: Kia Tigers, Gwangju
삼성: Samsung Lions, Daegu

And click on the sched above for a close-up.


Marc said...

How many people go to the preseason games?

c.donovan said...

i plan to get some games in. thanks alot for posting all this stuff. i check daily!!!

Mike said...

I will go to a few of the Hanwha Eagles pre-season games. The tickets are free, so you really can not complain about the price.

Timothy said...

I live in Okinawa and three Korean teams were here for spring training, but there was no information about games. Does anyone have an information source I can use for next year?