Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No More Spazzing in the Kia Dugout

There's been some problems with Kia players spazzing out in the dugout when things weren't going their way. It's been broadcast all over the KBO highlights shows. Now Kia brass is talking about a "severe punishment" for getting mad about your poor performance. It doesn't say anything about what this severe punishment is supposed to be. Maybe, being forced to watch this instead of playing?

KIA는 선수들의 도를 넘는 덕아웃 화풀이에 대해 일절 금지조치를 내리는 등 내부 기강 잡기에 나섰다. 최근 윤석민의 손가락 골절상, 로페즈와 서재응의 과도한 분풀이 행동이 도를 넘었다고 판단한 것이다.

It has been decided that Kia Tigers players spazzing out in the dugout after what they perceive as unjustly poor performances will be faced with "internal discipline." Instances of this has caused problems, with pitcher Yoon Suk-min suffering from a finger fracture and fellow pitchers Seo Jae-woong and Aquillo Lopez losing their tempers in said place. It has been decided that their antics are a little too much.

자신의 마음에 들지 않는 플레이에 대해 해소하는 행위도 이해가 되지만 눈살을 찌푸리게하는 과격한 행동은 자제해달라는 것이다. 구단과 코칭스태프는 향후 똑같은 일이 발생할 경우 엄벌에 처하겠다는 방침을 확인했다.

It's understood that players are going to be frustrated. But no one is expect to act like that. Coaching staff who lose their tempers will be faced with the same "punishment."

로페즈는 지난 시즌부터 마운드와 덕아웃에서 화를 참지 못하고 분풀이성 행동을 자주 보여주었다. 특히 올들어 동료들의 수비실수를 지적하거나 교체에대해 물병을 던지고, 덕아웃에서 쓰레기통을 부수는 과격한 행동을 한 바 있다. 이후 엄중경고를 받고 자제하고 있다.

Lopez has been having problems with his temper since last season. In a recent game he over reacted and got mad while moving from his mound to the dugout. He got mad at his defensive teammates, threw some water bottles and tossed a garbage can around (take that garbage can). He stopped after he was given stern warning.

그런데 이후 윤석민이 지난 18일 문학 SK전에서 완투직전 강판하자 모자를 던지고 라커룸에서 오른주먹을 내리쳐 손가락 골절상을 당했다. 이틀 뒤인 20일에는 선발투수 서재응이 6회 도중 강판하자 덕아웃에 들어가면서 글러브를 던지는 등 다소 과격한 행동을 한 바 있다.

Yoon Suk-min flared his anger muscles at an away game in Incheon against SK on the 18th (June). He threw his hat around and made angry gestures with his hands resulting in the injury described above. Seo Jae-woong, did the same 2 days later when he was pulled in the 6th. Seo decided to throw around his glove instead of his hat and it has been reported that his fingers were uninjured in his performance.

문제는 선수들의 이런 행동이 고스란히 TV로 생중계 되고 있다는 점이다. 당장 KIA 선수들의 행동이 도를 넘었다는 여론의 비판이 일었다. 구단과 코칭스태프는 KIA의 이미지나 어린이 팬들에게 악영향이 우려되자 기강잡기에 나서게 됐다.

This was broadcast on TV and Kia officials are worried that this might send a bad message about the team to viewers. They are worried that children might see and be negatively influenced.

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