Wednesday, September 15, 2010

9/14 Roundup and News

I'm not going to lie, now that the playoffs are essentially set, things are going to slow down here. I'll still make daily updates, but I won't be going in-depth unless something really special happens. A playoff preview for Doosan/Lotte should be up some time in the next ten days and the TSOKB awards will be handed out as soon as Simon and I can find the time to get them done.

SK manager Kim Seong-geun is accusing the Lotte Giants of stealing signs. Kim gets a lot out of his players and is considered to be the most respected figure in Korean baseball, but I think he's way off base here. I didn't see anything last night that looked like sign stealing. My guess is that this is a little pre-playoff gamesmanship, but it comes off as sour grapes after Lotte clinched the final playoff spot.

LG 10, Hanhwa 7
W - Kim Sun-gyu (2-0), L - Yoo Won-seong (5-14)
LG HR - Lee Taek-geun (13) Hanhwa HR - Jeong Seong-ho 2(4)

KIA 3, Doosan 2
W - Yang Hyeon-jong (16-7), L - Les Walrond (7-8), S - Kim Hee-geol (1)
KIA HR - None Doosan HR - None

Lotte 3, SK 1
W - Song Seung-joon (14-6), L - Kim Kwang-hyeon (16-6), S - Kim Sa-yul (5)
Lotte HR - None SK HR - Park Jae-hong (8)

Thoughts on this game can be found at Busan Haps.

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