Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Karim Garcia Gets Fined, Suspended and Takes To Twitter

Karim has taken down most of the anti-KBO tweets.

Karim Garcia was ejected for arguing with an umpire last Wednesday and received a league mandated seven-game suspension with a $3000 fine. He tweets...

"great ,stupid kbo suspend me 7 games for what? the ump stir at me and takes the mask off and say what?"

"looking for me to say something and then trow me out off the game wish i did"

"and for that i get 7 games and 3000dlls i thing that they have no clue off what they r doing and say ok let kick him out the rest off the yr"

"they should look realy hard at the ump they r terrible worst then a ball in the states but kbo dont say nothing about that"

"kbo realy need to make up their mind about what is going on with ump asking for sing ball and be realy friendly with some players"

"always making mistakes at the plate or on the bases but kbo dont see that only they see what they want to see"

"kbo is realy good at not doing something when they supposto but when is a foring player they jump right in and try to get them tnx"

"o and one more thing i cant ask to reducce my penalty they dont have that in korea base ball so i cant talk to no body from kbo"


Jake Clark said...

Geez, 7 games for arguing with the umpire and getting tossed? You said "league mandated" - do you mean that the league hands down a minimum 7-game suspension to any player that gets tossed? That's pretty rough. I didn't watch the game, but if the umpire baited Garcia, that really sucks. I hate it when umpires do that.

Matt said...

No, I didn't mean that. Sorry about the confusion. I was trying to imply that Garcia has no means of appealing the suspension.

Jake Clark said...

Ah, got it. My bad. It's still pretty bogus that he can't appeal, though.