Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SK Completes Sweep, Wins Korean Series

SK 4, Samsung 2
W - Jeon Byeong-doo, L - Jang Won-sam, S - Kim Kwang-hyeon
SK HR - None Samsung HR - None
SK wins the series, 4-0

SK outplayed Samsung in every facet of the game during this series. Samsung didn't beat themselves, they simply got beat by a better team. SK broke a scoreless tie in the fourth inning. SK loaded the bases with one out and scored their first run when Samsung starter Jang Won-sam walked catcher Park Kyeong-wan. The next batter, outfielder/first baseman Park Jeong-kwon, laced a double down the right field line to plate a pair of runs and push the SK lead to 3-0.

SK added another insurance run in the sixth inning on an RBI single from Park Kyeong-wan and the countdown started. Twelve outs. Nine. Six. Three. Samsung picked up a couple of runs and mounted a couple fake rallies in the eighth and ninth innings, but they never really threatened SK's lead.

SK ace Kim Kwang-hyeon recorded the final five outs. Four of the five outs came via the strikeout. Even with the K's, Kim wasn't very sharp, but I couldn't imagine another SK pitcher recording the final outs. As long as Kim was available, he was going to end this game.

Park Jeong-kwon was named MVP of the series. Park finished 5-14 with a walk, two doubles, a homer, six RBIs and three runs scored. I probably would have voted for Choi Jeong, but I can't complain about the award going to Park.

I was really surprised by how subdued the celebration was. The KIA Tigers were drunk before the winning run crossed the plate at the end of last year's series, but that was a little different. That series went seven games and was decided by a walk-off homer. This was a very business-like sweep that had an air of inevitibility. We also didn't get our yearly playoff dustup. I feel a little cheated. I look forward to these normally unflappable ballplayers getting their feathers ruffled or your random coach flying off the handle or the token pissed off foreign dude. Ah, well. I hope this means we're due for a doozy next year.


Sim'on 2057 said...


but check out the ALCS and NLCS happening now, it's pretty interesting

Felipe said...

Hey, I just found this blog by chance and I like the way you write. I'm new at Korean baseball (well, at any baseball to be honest) and I liked your posts.
I was disappointed with the final after the epic semifinal, but I hope next year will be at least as good as this one.

Mitch said...

Anybody have a box score for this game? My buddy (Glover) started the game for SK, but I'm curious what the stats were when he was pulled.

Matt said...

Glover tossed 4 innings(52 pitches, 33 strikes) of scoreless baseball. He gave up one hit and one walk while striking out two.

Mitch said...

Thanks man!