Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Korea Pummels Pakistan, On To the Knockout Stage

Team Korea beat Pakistan 17-0 in a game that was limited to only five innings. Team Pakistan mustered only two hits and committed five errors while watching the Korean professionals spray line drives all over Guangzhou. Kim Myeong-su got the start for Korea. Kim has yet to throw a pitch in the KBO. He was a draft pick of the Lotte Giants and he was too much for the Pakistanis. Kim threw 2 1/3 innings and only gave up one hit and struck out three.

Team Korea continues their march to the gold medal game against China at 1 PM Korea time on Thursday.

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LastnameKim said...

I think the scores of the baseball rounds are just absolutely ridiculous. Why does Pakistan and Mongolia even have a team if they are going to play like that? And all those ridiculous scores are through 5 innings! Why doesn't India have a team? They have the 2nd highest population and they love cricket.