Friday, November 19, 2010

Team Korea Beats China, On to the Gold Medal Game

Korea beat China 7-1 on Thursday afternoon to move on to the final game. Taiwan beat a team of Japanese amateurs to earn their spot in the final.

KIA Tigers starter Yang Hyeon-jong threw six innings of one-run ball against China. Yang allowed only three hits, two walks and one hit batsman while striking out five. Choo Shin-soo started in right field and finished 1-1 with three walks. Choo blasted a solo homer and scored three runs. Choo must really, really not want to do his military service. First baseman Kim Tae-gyun and Park Kyeong-wan both drove in a pair of runs as Korea cruised to an easy W.

The Asian Games continue on Friday night at 7 PM Korea time.


Sim'on 2057 said...

this is just a freak show. there's no point in continuing this tournament. And Korea's going to look pretty dumb trying to celebrate beating these non-baseball countries

LastnameKim said...

Well, not all of them are "non-baseball countries". Let's not forget WBC champions Japan and the defending champs in the Asian Games in Taiwan. Korea just needs to drive the point home to the world that they are the best in international tournament play. I still think they don't get their due when "experts" talk about Korean baseball (especially when you hear the commentators during the WBC broadcasts). Other parts of the world may have better individual players, but they don't play well as a team like Korea or Japan does.