Sunday, November 21, 2010

Korea Wins Gold at the Asian Games

Team Korea beat Taiwan 9-3 to win gold at the 2010 Asian Games. The gold medal victory earns a military exemption for players like the Cleveland Indians Shin Soo-choo and Samsung Lions Cho Dong-chan.

Starting pitcher Ryu Hyeon-jin tossed four innings, but gave up three runs. Ryu allowed five hits and three walks while striking out eight. KIA's Yoon Seok-min threw five innings of scoreless relief to close the door on a Taiwan comeback. Yoon gave up only three hits and one walk while striking out seven.

At the plate for the national team, third baseman Kang Jeong-ho blasted a pair of homers and finished 3-5 with five RBIs and two runs scored. Lee Dae-ho also hit a solo homer and right fielder Choo Shin-soo went 2-4 with a walk, two RBIs and a stolen base.

The KBO has posted the schedule for the 2011 season at their website. The first slate of regular season games will start on 4/2.


Sim'on 2057 said...

I could arm wrestle a 9 year old and celebrate my win too. Still not buying Korea earning any medal here.

Either way, April 2 can't come soon enough.

Check out the new game stats layout on Naver Sports:

Old one wasy way confusing, going to go over every game last season because I'm a freak.

LastnameKim said...

If you check out the IBAF's website (International Baseball Federation), out of the top 5 ranked in the world, three are from Asia. Korea is still #4, behind Japan, the U.S., and Cuba. The U.S. seems to get a "pass" based on MLB, despite them never winning major international tournaments. Here's the link: