Monday, December 13, 2010

2010 Golden Glove Winners Announced

Now remember, things in the KBO are a little different. They don't give Golden Gloves for good fielding. The KBO Golden Gloves are really positional awards given away at an awards ceremony.

Giants slugger Lee Dae-ho had the early lead in the bad suit competition with this ensemble, but...

Giants DH Hong Seong-heun stole this outfit from the Michael Jackson collection. I really can't believe his wife allowed him to leave the house like this. Isn't this why guys get married? So their wives stop them from doing stuff like this.

The 2010 Golden Glove winners are as follows...

Catcher - Cho In-seong, LG Twins
First Base - Choi Joon-seok, Doosan Bears
Second Base - Cho Seong-hwan, Lotte Giants
Third Base - Lee Dae-ho, Lotte Giants
Shortstop - Kang Jeong-ho, Nexen Heroes
Left field - Kim Hyeon-su, Doosan Bears
Center Field - Lee Jong-wook, Doosan Bears
Right Field - Kim Kang-min, SK Wyverns
DH - Hong Seong-heun, Lotte Giants
Pitcher - Ryu Hyeon-jin, Hanhwa Eagles

The only questionable selection was Kim Kang-min, but SK won the championship and needed to be represented. I'm surprised that Jeong Geun-woo didn't get the nod at second base for SK, but this was a down year for KBO outfielders. You could have made a case for Samsung RBI machine Choi Hyeong-woo and Hanhwa homer machine Choi Jin-haeng instead of Kim in right field.

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