Monday, March 14, 2011

Radhames Liz Lights Up The Radar Gun

LG Twins non-Korean pitcher Radhames Liz put on a bit of a show over the weekend. Liz was routinely clocked up around 159-160 kph. For those without calculators, that's right around 100 mph. Liz threw five innings of shutout baseball in the Twins 11-10 win over the Hanhwa Eagles. Liz gave up two hits and two walks while striking out four.

All this means is its going to be that much sadder when he gets released in May.

Little known fact. Radhames Liz middle name is "Corey." You could have given me a thousand guesses and I would not have come close to "Corey."


Rafael said...

Why will he get released in May? Didn't they just acquire him this past winter?

Matt said...

It's really rare for a non-Korean ballplayer to finish the season with a KBO team.

Most guys get released due to poor performance, health or, well, in the case of Brandon Knight or Doug Clark last year, no good reason at all.