Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happenings, May 14, 2011

Nexen Heroes cheerleader's shoulder strap comes loose during KBO action this weekend. See below for details.

I missed last week's rankings I won't be able to do up the rankings for this week either because I'll be on a school trip this weekend and into next week. The hotel we are staying in charges $16 a day for WiFi (you guessed right, I am not in Korea anymore), so I will be offline. So, let me just get an entry in before I disappear for a few days.

LG Kim Gwang-su Demoted

Kim was pegged to be the closer this year for LG after LG canned Shinya Okamoto for this season but just got sent down to practice league for blowing 2 saves in a row and accumulating a 4.11 ERA. Okamoto had a decent 16 saves to Kim's 8 last year, but KBO teams insist on ditching foreign players even when they are effective. Actually, I like LG's new foreign arms Liz and Jukich, but still. Kim's always been mediocre and his only standout is that he was second in WAR for LG pitchers last year at a brilliant 2.65 (but first was Dr. Bong Jong-geun at 5.32).

LG Twins have really been stepping it up this year, however. Lee Byung-gyu, Park Yong-taek (Mr. Mustache), and Cho (Joe) In-seong are elite hitters in the league and they have been fixing their defense issues, they've only let in 1 or 2 runs in their past 3 games. Changing a shaky reliever might be what they need to do stay in the second place position they've landed themselves in recently.

LG's thinking of using many relievers at the closing role for now.

Nexen Heroes Cheerleader's Shoulder Strap Comes Loose

The young lady fortunately pulled the strap back up in time. She also suffered from sweaty feet after dancing in boot socks for 3 hours in the Korean early summer humidity. Heroes lost the game 2-3 to LG.

What Bats Do You Use Man

MBC HD reports on which types of bats KBO hitters are using when they, like are.. up at bat.

Hanhwa Eagles slugger Choi Jin-heng prefers to carry the heavy load to match his 188cm's long body and 100kg girth. So, as the report says, he likes his bats long and heavy, but only when his condition's good and his confidence level is high.

LG's Park Kyung-su begs to differ. He believes a shorter and lighter bat makes his swing tighter and when his swing is tighter he'll also be able to hit grand slams in addition to what he is doing now.

Park shows off his bat he hit 2 home runs with. But he will not practice with the bat because he's afraid he will break it.

The reports describes the weight of the bats hitters use in the KBO. But all the bats are between 840 and 900 grams.

Oh yeah, wood is the preferred primary resource (I'm teaching too much Grade 7).

They take bats with the best density, freeze that mother, and then use it before the water leaks out.

They say the people that work with bats know exactly which bats belong to which player. But despite these differences, all KBO batters have the same desire to have a good at-bat for their fans.

I like reports that end in a positive note.

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Goulip said...

Among LG fans, Okamoto didn't have such a good reputation, I heard several times him referred as "Woo Kyu-Moto" (Woo Kyu-Min was not doing that well in 2008 and 2009 before leaving to do his military service)