Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ryu Hyeon-jin the Fastest KBO Pitcher to 1000 K's

I totally forgot about this, but commenter Joel was kind enough to send a reminder. Said Joel...

"Ryu Hyun-jin became the fastest to 1000 Ks in KBO history, both the youngest to do so (24) and in the fewest number of games (153).

The game was sold-out over an hour and a half before game time (almost unheard of in Daejeon). Standing room only, the place was rocking, you could feel the energy. He came in needing 5 Ks, and after every one the place went nuts. When he finally got to 999 in the 6th or 7th, every 2 strike count had the crowd cheering. It was awesome. Reminded me of a few years ago when Song Jin-woo went for 2000Ks and 200 Wins."

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