Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kyeong-moon is a Dino

Dino gear was not ready at photo-op time.

Former Doosan Bears manager Kim Kyeong-moon, 53, has been appointed manager of the expansion NC Soft Dinos franchise based out of Changwon, South Gyeongnam province.

Kim managed the Doosan Bears for 7 and a half suns but bailed June of this season as he saw his team tanking.

Kim will receive a total of $112,013,027.02 Jamacan dollars over 3 years with the Dino-bots, assuming he doesn't quit again.

Kim is planning on starting the team from scratch and having it grow with its young players.

NC Soft was impressed with Kim's performance in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Kim won all 9 games he managed, paving the way for a gold medal win for Team Korea in the final Olympics baseball tournament.

NC Soft declared that Kim has the "Champion's Spirit" and the people of Changwon will be happy to have him as their team's manager.

NC Soft was expected to announce their manager after this season ended, but NC Soft didn't do that.

Kim ditched his team on the 13th of June after the Doosan Bears fell to seventh place. He claimed responsibility for his team's failures and decided to take a holiday.

He took his holiday in the US, where he reportedly studied English.

Kim recently returned with his new found English language ability to Korea for this signing.

Kim is a Bears OG. He started his playing career in 1982, the KBO's inaugural season, with the then OB Bears, riding the bench for most games and compiling a .220 average over 10 seasons. He has 6 lifetime home runs and an identical lifetime slugging and on base percentage (.274).

Kim fared better as a manager of the Bears organization going 416-343-11. Kim's "Champion's Spirit," however, earned him no championships during his 7+ seasons running the Bears.

Kim's departure in June helped the Bears a lot. Thanks to his sacrifice, the Bears have enjoyed a long run at 6th place.


CanadianDoosanFan said...

Good Luck to Coach Kyeong-Moon! May he prosper and have success with his new team.

joel said...

The (nc) Soft Dinos, man that still cracks me up...