Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Week Ahead, Week 22

Let's look ahead!

Let's take a look at the coming week's series!

Week of August 30 to September 4.


Hanhwa Eagles at Doosan Bears

These two teams are in a peculiar fight for 6th place. Hanhwa had Doosan for a second but Doosan is relieved to have the sixth place sign back again. Doosan is happy to be in sixth place, that is how far this team has fallen.

LG Twins at SK Wyverns

A fight for fourth place we definitely did not expect at the beginning of this season. SK is in fourth after the manager Kim Seung-geun was removed, with LG looking right up at them from 5th place. But SK still has 5.5 games on LG.

Samsung Lions at Lotte Giants

Lotte is looking to take second place with this series and beyond. Lotte is just a game back of second place Kia, but Lotte has an extraordinary 9 games in hand. Samsung will have their hands full against a determined and talented Lotte offense.

Nexen Heroes at Kia Tigers

Kia is 4 and 6 in their last 10 with Lotte breathing down their necks. A losing series to Nexen will surely have Kia losing its second place positioning. A losing series to last place Nexen may psychologically mess up the Kia Tigers, however.

Week-end (Start of September/make-up games):

Nexen at Hanhwa

Hanhwa has really been on a roll staying out of last place by beating up Nexen. This series should cement Nexen at the bottom and a 7th place pennant for the birds.

Lotte at LG

People might have looked forward to this series this summer to see who will take the fourth and last playoff spot. But things turned out differently and both are on opposite trajectories.

Doosan at SK (Saturday and Sunday only)

A two game series between these two unfortunate teams means there could be a tied series. This could be the best outcome here, as it will end the humiliation for either team, at least for one weekend.

Samsung and Kia with byes.

Edit: This entry is wrong. Make-up games are happening right now. What I wrote up there for "mid-week" series are just the games for Tuesday. The LG at SK mid-week series will go ahead. The rest of the games are as follows: Samsung at Lotte, Nexen at Doosan on Wednesday and Nexen at Doosan and Kia at Lotte for Thursday.

I wrote this entry at 1am after working out (yeah I work out at night) and I decided to post something and this is what it turned into. Thanks for reading and apologies!!


CanadianDoosanFan said...

At this point...any hope of Doosan making it to the play-offs?

Simon said...

Doosan's 10.5 games back of 4th place with about 30 games left. It's not impossible but SK and LG would have to collapse completely for Doosan to get in.

CanadianDoosanFan said...

thanks for you input ! By the way great hat!

Simon said...

I bought it at Jamshil stadium heh.