Friday, April 27, 2012

Headlines: April 27, 2012 (FRIDAY)

Yesterday's Quick Scores and Game Notes

Hanhwa Eagles 8, Kia Tigers 0

Kia gets thrashed by the second last place Eagles, dropping them to second last overall. Ryu Hyun-jin pitched a 11K 7 inning shut out.

Samsung Lions 6, Lotte Giants 3

Lions pole vault to 6th place after beating Lotte 6 to 3 off of Chae Tae-in's 2nd inning 2 run shot. Teammate Lee Seung-yup smashed his fourth of the season.

Doosan Bears 4, SK Wyverns 2

Dustin Nippert wins his third, one of 3 with 3 wins in the KBO (teammate Lim Tae-hoon and Nexen's Brandon Knight). Doosan is now tied with Lotte at the top of the standings with identical 8-4-1 records.

Nexen Heroes 9, LG Twins 7

Nexen scores 8 in the last two innings to beat LG after trailing all game. Nexen is now in a playoff position, tied 3 ways with SK and LG for 3rd place.

Oh Seung-hwan

Samsung closer Oh Seung-hwan, 30, has been getting a lot of press in the Korean dailies because of his blown save Tuesday against the Lotte Giants. Mr. Oh was a 47 save pitcher in 2011 and came onto the mound with the Lions up 2-0. He gave up 6 runs off of 4 hits and 2 balls. It was his first loss in "1013" days and the most runs he had ever given up in his career.

Well, Mr. Oh dazzled last night with 153km fastballs and grabbed his 4th save of the season. His 4 saves is second to Rad. Liz of the Twins who has 5. Lotte's Kim Sa-yul and Doosan's Scott Proctor also have 4 saves.

Mr. Sun Gets Mad

Kia Tigers manager Sun Dong-yul blew a fuse last night as his team was getting frustrated by Hanhwa's Ryu Hyun-jin's pitching and the Eagles' offence.

Kia center fielder Lee Yong-gyu was a victim of one of Ryu's 11 strike outs and Mr. Sun was not happy about it at all. Sun was convinced the check swing didn't go all way around and Ryu should have only had 10 strike outs.

If Lee had gotten on base, the Tigers could have loaded the bases, hit a grand slam, loaded the bases again, hit another grand slam, and then hit a solo shot into left field to win the game.

Weekend Series Previews

Kia at Doosan

Doosan is in first and Kia is second last. Kia might win the one game Yoon Suk-min pitches if they are lucky.

LG at Lotte

LG had been frustrated by Nexen and they may get frustrated again by Lotte.

Samsung at SK

Samsung's climb back up the standings gets a little more difficult with mighty SK in the way. SK lost two tight games to Doosan but they are still pitching elite.

Nexen at Hanhwa

Nexen is looking to solidify their position inside the playoff picture.


Procyin said...

I know you can't watch all the games, but you missed the big story of the Nexen/LG. Liz walked three in a row in the top of the 9th, and the following pitcher proceeded to bean a batter and walk another to get Nexen tied up.

Simon said...

Yeah I know but.. I can't write about everything.. check out for more info.