Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Morning Quick-Cap

I had a pretty hectic weekend and it is Sunday night in Canada, Monday morning in the country of the KBO. I thought I'd post up a few notes on the weekend games and other news before I hit the sack.

I'm also skipping the rankings for the week, it gets a bit monotonous ranking 8 teams every week.

Sunday's Games

Hanhwa 6, Nexen 3

KBO press had been pushing this game between last year's bottom feeders as the marquee match-up of the weekend. A resurgent Chan-ho against an improved Nexen staff lead by fourth year import Brandon Knight.

Chan-ho was definitely effective. But it was actually the end of the bullpen that got it done for Hanhwa. Kim Hyuk-min grabbed his first dub of the season with a 1.1 inning no hitter. And Denny Bautista struck out 4 in 2 for the save.

Nexen couldn't sweep this series because of the bullpen in the Sunday finale. They scored first in the second inning but Knight took his first L of the season after giving up 2 home runs and letting in 5 runs.

Nexen won Friday and Saturday's games.

Doosan 4, Kia 3

Yoon Suk-min was effective again but Kia's bullpen couldn't keep it together. Kia's offence was no better as they couldn't capitalize on many chances. Doosan on the other hand finishes the month of April tied for #1 with Lotte. Kia sinks to 7.

Lotte 5, LG 0

Shane Youman looks like Jerry Royster's son and his complete game 1 hitter to beat LG is going have LG fans mad again and Youman off of the plane ride of shame for the time being.

Despite Lotte winning this series 2-1, LG still out scored the Busan Bombers 23 to 18 because of Friday's 20-8 aberration, I mean win.

Samsung 9, SK 4

Samsung won but they still can't make any headway up the charts as they close out April in 6th place and still out of a playoff spot. This after all three enemies above them lost (LG, Nexen, SK).

Samsung will start May against first place Doosan then hope they avoid at least one of Chan-ho Park or Ryu Hyun-jin when the face Hanhwa in the weekend series after that.


Doosan's Lim Tae-hoon: 3 wins, 0.53 ERA. On fire man.

Lotte's Shane Youman: 3 wins, 1.53. Lefty is a nice find for Lotte indeed.

Samsung's Lee Seung-yup: Washed up he is not. 5 home runs and a .406 batting average for April.

Nexen's Kang Jeong-ho: Leading the KBO with 7 home runs. His 20 RBI is second.

Notes: LG third baseman Jeong Seong-hoon also has 7 home runs.. Returnee Kim Tae-gyun only has 2 home runs but he leads the league with 29 hits.. Lotte is the best hitting team in the league, Kia is the worst..

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