Friday, May 4, 2012

Headlines: May 4, 2012 (Friday)

Kim Sang-hoon Takes Medicine for Foot, Gets in Big Trouble

34 year old Kia catcher Kim Sang-hoon has been "severely warned" over the discovery he was taking medication over a disease called plantar fasciitis. This disease inflames the bottom of the victim's feet and Mr. Kim had been discovered to be taking a drug called Predinsolone for it. 

KBO was not pleased when its anti-doping body discovered this naughty substance in Sang-hoon's bod and proceeded to issue this severe warning to the man.

Kim Sang-hoon had taken this medicine along with a needle on March 30. Nothing is going to happen with this info because he didn't do anything wrong.

This is Kim's 12 season in the KBO spent entirely with the Tigers organization. He peaked in 2003 with 118 hits and has been on a steady decline ever since. He currently has no hits in 7 at bats for second last place Kia this season.

Dr. Bong to the Bullpen

LG fans saw a pretty unusual sight in Tuesday's 4-2 win over Hanhwa. Out from the bullpen to close out the lead was none other than our good bro Dr. Bong Joong-geun. Doc need 13 pitches to sit down 3 orange guys in a perfect 9th to grab his first save in his 6 year pro career.

Word is, Bong asked to try the closer role and that he was pretty nervous about the appearance. His "heart pounded" and his "face turned red." 

After serving as his team's ace for a number of years, Bong fell victim to injury last year and he has not been the same since.

Weekend Series Previews

Hanhwa at Samsung 

Samsung is coming off of a 10-0 shut out over Doosan's seemingly unstoppable Lim Tae-hoon. Expect them to continue.

Lotte at SK

Lotte is back at first after Doosan took the beating above. Lotte's high powered offense up against SK's All Korea defense.

Doosan at LG

Battle of Jamsil. Doosan is in second place and LG is in fourth place, but they only have a 1 win difference between them.

Nexen at Kia

Nexen is not the Nexen of last season and Kia is... also not the Kia of last season or 2009 (their championship season).

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