Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 4 Power Rankings

For week of April 26 to May 1, 2011..

1. SK Wyverns (3-1) ~ Pretty convincing wins except for the loss, which was a loss by one run against Dustin Nippert and the Bears. SK keeps rolling.

2. Nexen Heroes (4-1) ~ Swept Hanhwa, including a win over Ryu Hyun-jin in game one of that series. Kept the Hanhwa series tight and blew both LG games wide open. Expect more inconsistencies from this team.

3. LG Twins (3-1) ~ Back to their winning ways like at the beginning of the season? Pessimist says it was only Lotte and Nexen they played this week. Team earned runs was over 6.00 for each of those games (bad).

4. Samsung Lions (3-2) ~ Managed to pound the Bears but actually lost a series to Hanhwa (1-2). Still got a lock on that 3rd place in the standings.

5. Doosan Bears (1-3) ~ Humiliated in the 2 game Samsung series, losing by an aggregate score of 17-3. Dustin Nippert seems to be a sure thing for this season.

6. Lotte Giants (2-3) ~ Finally won a series (against Kia 2-1). Jang Won-joon (3-1, 2.78, 32K) and Lee Dae-ho (0.356, 5HR, 18RBI) are carrying this team. Hong Seong-hoon has 0 home runs on the season.

7. Hanhwa Eagles (2-3) ~ Winning the Samsung series was pretty impressive. It wasn't even a dud team. All team stats for the week look pretty close to what a decent professional baseball team should have, and that's the best thing that's happened to the Eagles this year.

8. Kia Tigers (1-4) ~ Rough rough week. 4.49 team ERA is only better than Lotte (4.79) and Hanhwa (5.40).

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